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Hello Players,

Welcome to the website of the Vision Quest Golf Academy(VQGA).  Please review this site for information on this private academy, how it works and the available options for you to consider.  If you have the desire, we will work together and make it happen for you.  If you have any questions prior to joining the ranks of talented players being developed here, please feel free to text or call me directly.


Jacques Panet-Raymond, Owner
PGA Master Teaching Professional        

VISION QUEST GOLF ACADEMY is different in several ways. 

              * Students will be taught ALL of their private sessions by a PGA Certified Master Professional.  
                     Students will never be handed over to an assistant or an apprentice.
              * Students will experience instruction at the highest level.  Even the youngest of golfers receive instruction from
                     3-Time PGA Teacher of the Year Award Winner.   
              * Instruction from a teacher who plays tournament golf as compared to a tournament golfer who teaches.
                     22 PGA sanctioned victories.  A rare combination of playing, tournament, and teaching experience.
              * Students will receive a Bio-Mechanical assessment thereby accelerating the learning process.
                     TPGI Certified in Bio-Mechanical Training.
              * Mental Training is constantly integrated in every session.  
                     Jacques was a Founding Partner in IQ4Golf, the revolutionary mental training assessment.
              * Goal Oriented Developmental Programs.  The Vision Quest starts with a Dream!  Too many dreams are
                     crushed by negative influences.  At Vision Quest those dreams are embraced and goals are set to be met!
              * There are a limited number of students which keeps the Teacher/Student relationships personal.  All "regulars"
                    have phone and internet access to Professional consultation 24/7 which includes the parents of juniors. Now 
                     you have answers to questions when you need them.


Vision Quest Golf Academy was inspired by the movie Jerry McGuire.  More specifically... Less clients and more personalized service!  When the relationship between the student and the professional flourishes with mutual respect, the doors of communication are left wide open.  When this happens, the quality and quantity of the knowledge that can be poured into a student is incredible.  That is one reason why the quality of players being developed at VQGA is so high and the results are so positive.  95% of VQGA clients are by referrals and almost 90% of them take regularly scheduled lessons.  However, if you are interested in experiencing a lesson to determine if VQGA is right for you, there is a one-time 50% coupon available for your first single lesson when you mention it during booking. 
Please contact Jacques at (941) 932-6090 to discuss the possibilities. 


There are two types of golfers looking for instruction.  The recreational golfer and the serious tournament player.  Recreational golfers are typically looking for an improved ball flight, added distance, or overall consistency.  About 80% of them
ask for and receive a lesson in reference to their full swing.  If you are a recreational golfer, a plan for improvement can be developed after an initial consultation.  Everybody will have an individualized program customized to their specific needs and weaknesses.   Tournament players are serious about overall improvement and understand that each and every aspect of their game can be the difference between first and second place.   These players will have a program designed with serious goals in mind.  They will experience mental, physical, fundamental, technical and mechanical elements that will affect their performances.  Again, the key here is customization.  Once the swing is fundamentally sound and developed to a point of simple maintenance, much of the instruction for these players will be done on the course while in specific playing conditions.   Learning to swing on the range is useless until you learn how to apply it in various conditions on the course.


Vision Quest Golf Academy is presently located at The River Club Golf Course off of Rt.70 in Bradenton, Florida.  Please do NOT call the River Club in reference to VQGA.   Please fell free to call Jacques any time at (941) 932-6090 and leave a message or text.   VQGA is a private business working out of the private lesson tee at the far end of the driving range.  To get to the facility from Highway I-75, head East on Rt.70 and take a right onto River Club Blvd.  The clubs entrance will be down on the right hand side just past the driving range.
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